New Mobility Trends

New Mobility Trends

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Description: This business presentation is about Trends of New Mobility. This is not a just product update–speeds & feeds. This is why good enough is not good enough.

This is about beating your competition. This is about up-selling. This is about helping you win with Cisco‘s business benefits.

7.7 billion new Wi-Fi enabled devices will enter the market in the next five years.* 1.2 billion Smartphones will enter the market over the next five years, about 40% of all handset shipments.* Smartphone adoption growing 50%+ annually.** By 2012, more than 50% of network devices will ship without a wired port.*** A 7xincrease in capacity with the Introduction of 802.1. Target Areas to consider questions to ask, Setting the customer criteria - Mobility Unified Access challenges. How can you easily accommodate in real-time the explosion of new mobile devices and applications? Mobility Unified Access challenges - How can you easily determine and control users and devices accessing your network, How can you easily visualize and manage users, devices, and their policies on your network? How can you ensure a consistent and reliable user, experience wherever users connect to your network? How can you support a broad set of uses cases and ensure that your network will scale accordingly.

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