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About Microfluidic Companies

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Company and History

Innovate With Us™ Did You Know?
• High shear fluid Microfluidizer® 4 of the top 5 chemical companies
processors for the smallest particle size 8 of the top 10 biotech companies
and narrowest particle size distribution 17 of the top 20 pharma companies
- Widest range of lab processors …own Microfluidics technology
- Guaranteed production scaleup
- Consistently reproducible results Global Presence
- Results unobtainable via other Headquartered in
processes Massachusetts and
Germany with sales,
• Unrivaled range of nanotechnology
and service throughout
application expertise
the U.S., Europe,
• Founded in 1983 Middle East and Asia
• Publicly traded company OTCBB: MFIC
• Over 3,000 machines installed