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Future Steel Buildings

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3 | Steel in Construction Industry
Using steel as construction material is not only limited to industrial
buildings or temporary shelters. Steel has established itself as
one of the most versatile construction materials available for use.
It has become a popular choice due to its durability, strength and

Steel is also called as a green product. Concrete and wood
cannot be reused, steel can be recycled thus is more cost

Advantages of Using Steel

Steel buildings can be produced and engineered faster than
conventional buildings. Pre-engineered steel has cut down the
cost and labor. Construction does not require long times. The
material can be shipped to the location and joined together to
make a strong structure.

Steel buildings are able to withstand the natural disasters.
Earthquakes, cyclones, hurricanes, sudden climatic changes can
strike anytime. Use of concrete can cause a number of
causalities. Also damages caused to the concrete structure need
a lot of money to be repaired. Steel is cost effective and resilient.

Termites, rodents and insects cannot house in steel. This will
reduce the sufferings of many people who spend loads of money
on fumigations.

Steel is lighter but has more tensile strength. It can be used with
other construction materials if needed.