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Future Steel Buildings

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Early 20th century saw a great rise in demand of steel buildings.
After World War II, their use became more prevalent. Steel frame
shelters were built for the army to provide housing during the War.

After the War army shelters were used as living accommodation.
Easy availability of steel then allowed more constructions of steel
The use of steel buildings became more diverse as the people
came to know about the strength and durability of steel.

Prefabricated steel buildings came in to use in 1960. These metal
buildings had components premade including roof, floor, frame,
walls and bracing. The parts just needed to be put together to
make a building stand. This allowed to create buildings in various
designs and made construction easier.

First computer aided design steel building was seen in 1960's.
This allowed steel buildings to have more designs, features,
shapes and sizes.

Wide varieties of steel buildings are available now including Arch
Steel Buildings, Clear span Buildings and Straight walled
buildings. The Arch Steel buildings are used as storage units for
agricultural business. They are structurally very strong and

Straight walled buildings are less sturdy compared to Arch steel
buildings but have more usable space inside.

Clear span buildings use big overhead beams in place of inside
support columns. It offers wide open interior spaces to be used
for commercial and industrial buildings. It is a great choice for
warehouses, factories and storage space. As beams are not
included in the structure, you can easily rearrange floor plans
according to your needs.