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Future Steel Buildings

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2 | History of Steel

History of Steel Making

History of steel making goes back to 4th century BC. Steel
weapons were produced in Iberian Peninsula. Roman military
used Noric Steel (high quality steel from Noricum). Chinese of
Han Dynasty created carbon intermediate steel by melting
wrought iron together with cast iron.

People of East Africa discovered high heat blast furnace which
allowed them to forge carbon steel. This technique was duplicated
during Industrial Revolution in Europe.

Evidences of carbon steel production in the Subcontinent was
found in Sri Lanka. Unique wind furnace blown by monsoon winds
was used to produce high carbon steel. Also known as Wootz
steel, it is famous for its durability. Trace elements were also used
in production of this steel.

Wootz steel was also produced in India and China. It was a
complicated alloy containing Iron as the major component. Steel
possessed legendary qualities.

Crucible steel was produced in Merv by slow heating and cooling
of pure iron and carbon (typically charcoal) in the 9th -10th century.

History of Steel Buildings

Steel buildings are very popular choice for commercial and
residential purposes. They can be used as storage units for
business or temporary shelters.