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Future Steel Buildings

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6 | Development of Steel Buildings
Construction Basics

Before proceeding with the building design, figure out the exact
purpose of construction. Most of the time greater attention is paid
to the final look of the building, not the purpose for which it has to
be built. It is important to consider how big and tall a structure
needs to stand. The time for which building needs to be used is
also an important factor.

If the building needs to be used for long periods, steel is a good
choice. It will give greater strength and durability. Steel does not
bend, break or twist with increasing load. Changes can be made
very easily to the steel structure.

Pre-engineered steel used for construction these days has pre
defined points at which bolts need to be fixed.

The most impressive feature of steel is that it is recyclable and is
very environmentally friendly.

Most steel buildings used for offices or even apartments are
located on busy streets of the city. It becomes more important to
consider the safety of the residents and people waking around
these structures. Structural flaws need to be avoided at all costs.

Building Design

The design of a modern building involves a team of experts from
different disciplines. The team needs to communicate clearly to
avoid any undesired outcome at the end of the procedure.